I have just had the pleasure of reading this blog from “My Journey, My Life To A New Me”

Folks this is a courageous posting that reflects what being sick and tired of being sick and tired looks like.

At times it takes a kick in the head for us to finally realize that “We Can” If we own it. That it is ok to acknowledge that we have fallen short of our dreams and goals in as long as this realization makes us finally take the plunge and get rid of the excuses that have been holding us down.

To the lady that wrote this post I say KUDOS to you. Go and kick some serious A…

Here is the link to the post.



3 comments on “Determination

  1. ShortDee says:

    Omg! You made me cry!! Thank you so much 🙂


    • No. Thank you. It takes someone who has struggled with a challenge to understand just how hard it is to say no to something that we love and enjoy.
      I know how hard it is to fix my hair when I am so unhappy with the way that I look that I do not want to look at my self. I know how painful it is to want and desire to do something and being unable because of my physical limitations. I understand the pain, frustration and loneliness. Because for anyone to tell me I understand and having them not had the experience I am living., sorry but no credibility.
      I admire your courage. I respect your struggle and know that you have in me a kindred soul. If at any time you need someone to visit with please know that I am here.
      I am myself in a journey of change in my life. My career, health, weight, dreams, etc., and sadly I have to say I am not sleeping much so I am here. Reach out when you need a hand or help with an answer. By the way my name is Jose’
      Keep on keeping on. It is not how many times we fall it is how many times we get up and start again. And just remember to tell your self “One more time” “Just one more time” In all reality as Jim Rohn said “It is impossible to fail if we don’t give up”
      All the best to you.


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