Happy B’ Day Son

OK gang.. Today is my son’s Birthday.

He is either 138 years old by his demeanor or

68 years old by his experiences

8 years old by his Puppy Love for Natalie

25 years old by the calendar

15 years old if you ask his mother


1 year old by how much I want to take care of him

But most importantly

Old Enough To Be A Man Of Character And That He Is.

Happy Birthday Daniel.

I wish for you a never ending smile

Loyal faithful friends

Strong health 

Dreams that inspire you

Work that makes a difference

Knowledge that makes you better

A toned-down sense of humor to laugh at yourself

Clarity of mind to deal with life

Strength of character to guide your loved ones

And a huge container to put in it all the good wishes 

from your friends and the rest of the family.


Know that you are loved oh so much.

I am so proud of being your father

And grateful of being your friend.
MOMS HAPPY B DAYAnd Never Forget

what does not kill you

May Heavenly Father Bless Every Second Of Your Life.

Always Proud

Your Father

Jose G. Osuna

http://www.lapbandformen.com     http://www.josegosuna.com

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