In Case Of:

With a lap band or a Realize Band there

is a risk of slippage. I mention the two brands

because what we must understand it that it is

seldom if ever the fault of the band or company

when slippage happens. It is either the surgeons

error or the users abuse.

Regardless.. It happens. It happened to me.

Something I want to mention to you all is

that when it happens you must immediately

seek help and guidance from your surgeon/pcp.

If you are able like I am to consume foods and liquids

keep in mind that you are still in the battle to loose weight

and pay attention to your consumption.

I had to empty my band and since it is now sitting a top

my stomach and not obstructing or affecting anything

I am somewhat back to “regular normal” no obstruction.

Since this happened I re-gained a lot of my weight because

I was not careful. I was only controlling certain aspects of my diet

but not all of them and not all of the time.

Look for options on how to have this corrected

as soon as possible. For me this means a trip to Tijuana

in Mexico where the cost of the procedure is less than

what I hear some insurance companies have as a co-pay.

My Reliance lap band has worked great for me

and I want to keep it. It has proven to be a great tool.

I had my original surgery in Phoenix, AZ with a great

surgeon Dr. Hilario Juarez., This guy has more experience

than all others surgeons I have met combined.

So now I have a couple of goals to accomplish:

a.- keep my weigh under control

b.- avoid acerbating my band now

c.- obtain $ 4,689.79 for procedure and transport

d.- learn how to avoid this from happening again.

e.- Stay Positive

Why am I so readily wiling to go trough this process again?

Because it is like a savings account..

It works as hard as I work.

After all it is up to me or as I like to put it

to others: ” If it is to be it is up to me “

Gang I hope none of you ever have to

go trough this as it can get very bad, very expensive, very quick.

All the best to you all.

Jose G. Osuna

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