Thinking of the future.

Ok Gang this will be a very different post

and I hope you can be both patient and

gracious with me today.

I have been sharing with you all for many

months and it is fitting that I make this

announcement here.

After long hours of thinking and painful

deliberations I have come to a conclusion

and have made a decision.

The conclusion is that I think Marriage

is good and the decision is this:  I decided

that should I ever, ever get married again

It will be with Adele Adkins. She is so lovely.

Yes it would have to be her or no one else.

There is time so I will not worry about her

boy friend and baby daddy but I just think

that she is one of the loveliest women in this

world of ours. Let me show you.


20752_adel01-foto-reuter_af adele_png_01_by_cassie93-d6p1ecc

Now.. This pictures do not belong to me

and I hope the rightful owners would forgive

their inclusion on this humble blog of mine.

Gang I hope you all are having as good

a season as I am having and please

know that you will all be invited to the nuptials.

If any of you in the 80 + countries where

my blog is read happens to know her

Please, Please do not ruin the surprise

and tell her about this I want to surprise her

my self. Boy will she be surprised.

Have a great weekend and see you here

next week when we go back to the usual


Jose G. Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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