Celebration of Life.


We work hard on life and living.

We push for health, longevity a better weight and YES

a better life with a more complete way of living.

I, just like you, work on making a better me with the

hope of a better tomorrow, and I just like you hope

that my efforts pay off in the long run.

All of that to say that I also hope for a better and

more complete romantic and sentimental life.

I was looking at the picture a top of this post

and it made me think, made me hope and also dream

that I would be this lucky, lucky that I would

sometime be able at an advanced age to share with

a love interest the beauty of the ocean and the

connection of love.

Yes I want to look good and reach my goal weight

but I also value family and companionship.

Truly I do not think that this is an either or but

instead it is an AND.

I want the health but I also want someone to share with.

I want the weight loss but I also want someone by my side.

I want to live longer yes but with someone.

Life is meant to be shared and, if someone like me

who has had many, many disappointments still has

hope and the dream of a good, mutually nurturing

and supporting relationship well I think that there

is always a possibility of more and better for us all.

Gang I hope today is a great day and that you are

surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Remember that today and always I hope and wish

for you all the best of the best.

Jose G. Osuna


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2 comments on “Celebration of Life.

  1. apoplexy says:

    You have a good heart Jose, keep working on YOU and you will find that you trip over that special someone when you least expect it!


    • So nice to hear from you. I hope you are having an amazing season.
      I hope you are finding the posts of some use or entertainment value (yes that was a joke. A bad one but a joke none the least.)
      I hope all is great and please let me know if I can be of any service.
      Jose G. Osuna


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