Today In My Life.

at this stage in my lifeOne thing we are all working on is getting better.

Those of us who have the lap band know that we have made

a significant change in our body. We have committed to doing better

and for the most part we are all trying to lose the weight.

Let’s re-cap on what we need to do: We need to drink more water,

We must take our meds as prescribed, We need to add the multivitamins.

We know that working out in any shape or form will have a big impact.

Those are things that will make a difference in our life.

Taking the weight off will truly make others but more importantly ourselves

have a different perspective of US.

We can live longer and more productive lives. We can do better for our

loved ones and make a difference that we might otherwise not be able to.

I am not preaching. Not when I was 350+ pounds in weight.

Gang. We can and should have a better quality life.

I want it. I desire it. I need it.

I hope you do as well.

Keep fighting the good fight gang. Stay Focus Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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