all you need is a monday.Happy Monday Gang

How did we do this past weekend?

Did we stick with the diet? Did we drink the water?

Did we take the meds? Did we take our vitamins?

Anyway…. It is Monday and it is time for a fresh start.

Are we ready to change our life?

I find myself in need of a fresh start.  I find myself in the

middle of a BLAHHHH SEASON. And I have

Plenty of people to blame it on but the reality is that it is all

on me. Yes it is all on me.

That folks is a very empowering statement. Because by the time

some of you are reading this I will be pushing my self to do

what was my regular 4.5 mile walk. Yes I had abandoned it

because of pain and a bunch of other excuses and I really

can not afford to have excuses. I have too much shit to do

in life and well I just need to get with it.

My gym membership has expired as of yesterday and I am

not renewing it. There is nothing I was doing there that I can

not do on my own.  The only benefit I will not have is that

I will not be there for the senior citizen and pregnant woman

programs and I liked those because I felt young and skinny.

Yes I understand that is a bit of an ass-hole statement but hey

I took and used all the help and motivation I could get.

I noticed some guys checking out the younger chicks SORRY

NOT ME. That didn’t do shit for me other than make me

loose count and I had no time for that.

Guys… I know that I sound like a broken record but we really

must know ourselves. We must know our strengths and acknowledge

our weaknesses. (like my spelling)

Don’t go to the gym hungry. Don’t go to the gym with out a drink.

And please use the equipment and move on there are people

waiting that have stuff to do. Clean your mess too please.

Gang. It is Monday. Look at yourself and if you see the need for

change be honest with yourself. Better you than anyone else.

And try honestly to be the best you can be. It is worth it.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna



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