I hope you enjoyed the Monday Humor.

I was thinking and I think I have lost about 1,450 pounds

YES.. Since I started trying to loose the weight I must have lost

that much and maybe some more that I do not remember.

We loose and we gain it back. We loose and we get some back.

I m sure that I am the only one with this problem so all the rest

of you just sit down and enjoy the ride.

I have learned that not having a clear goal and not having a

very specific why has been at many time the reason behind the

YO-YO effect. I noticed that once I started working with a coach

my results improved dramatically. BUT as some of you know

I have been battling some serious illnesses and (BS) other things.

Gang… There will always be reasons and excuses but there is

one and only one reason that would keep us from failing.

The trick is that we must find it within us on our own.

No one can come and give us the key. What is important to me

is garbage to others and what is important to others is of little

or no consequence to me.

Every week at some point I work on finding the why and also

on keeping the why ever present.  Gang.. It is that important.

I hope that you have found your why and if you have not well

it is Monday and it is a great day for you to start on that project.

You must get to know YOU. You must learn to Love YOU.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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