Fearing The Choices.

Screenshot_2015-10-26-21-27-52-1.pngWe touch on choice and fear again.

Fear can provide motivation. A desire to either avoid

or attack some issues.

As I got on the scale today I noticed a gain of one pound

and I must say it got me all worked up so much that

I failed to realize that I had changed my routine.

I waited until after breakfast and coffee to weigh myself

Reality is that I have probably lost some weight and I

would have noticed it had I kept to the routine.

That is how Fear at times works on us. It brings out the

irrational, the stupid and dumb out of us.

Do not fear change. Do not fear new things.

Do not cook bacon naked either so I guess do not

be foolish. Measure your steps be cautious but not so

cautious that you never try new things.

How long ago was it that you changed your walking route?

Since when have you not changed your work-out routine?

Does your diet plan needs some updating?

Change can be a good thing if it is a controlled and planned thing.

Gang get in control of your life and your goals but specially

get in control of your fears.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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