My Challenge.

Ok Gang. I want to introduce you all to my biggest challenge.

This is ME. Yes this is me when I was about to turn 18 years old.

This is my Military ID Card Picture.

2015-03-14 12.48.40.png

My challenge is and has been to get back to my weight

and measurements of that time. No I was no slenderee but I

could run a full marathon and go for a cross country  bike ride

the next day. I felt full of strength and energy and I needed it

for the kind of life I was living. NO, NO, NO I was not a wild one.

I just worked a lot. Please understand I have been an entrepreneur

from age 8 going on 9 thanks to my father.

I was 6′ tall and weighed right around 200 pounds.

I wore a uniform of sorts so I can tell you exactly what my

measurements were: My pants were 32 X 32 and my shirts

were   L long.

Now for some perspective I have used as big as 52 X 32 and

XXXXL shirts. I have weighed as much as 360+.

So yes I want to be back to what that smug shit was.

That is my image. That is my goal and I keep it close

and personal. I am all up on that stuff.

Gang. Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Twiter: @LapBand4Men

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