Making A Difference.


It is so easy to do nothing. To just stay and exist. To be a witness instead of being a participant. In life as in love as in politics we should and must be active participants. We only get so many opportunities to make a difference, to actively choose and stand and be counted as part of things that it would be such a waste not to.

“Actively Choose” This is a phrase that I hated when I learned it. I was introduced to it by an old “Acquaintance” and she kicked my ass with it.  Anyway…..

When was the last time you choose to make your partner feel crazy special? When was the last time you looked at your situation and choose to plan and work on some changes.

Gang. Life even at its longest is short. Let us make the best of it Today, everyday.

Go out there and try harder and harder every day.

Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna
Twitter: @LapBand4Men

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