Got Schooled.

IMG_0922I continually challenge my kids. I am always throwing the next

unknown and I enjoy the dialogue first, the arguing second and

the yelling in the end. Then I begin to feed clues and data and facts

and it is magical to see how the pieces begin to fall into place.

Well. Some time a go I was the one that was challenged.

My kids see me writing about nutrition and weight loss.

They see me training and sharing on weight lifting and exercise

in general and threw a challenge my way.

“climb the wall” they said “It will be fun” they said

Well it wasn’t and I fell on my ass more times than I care

to admit. And the kids had a field day with it.

Now I have to prove my theories and pain in the TUSH

“it is all possible if we try hard enough”  mantra.

Let me just say that after a less than stellar performance

but hard enough attempt they showed me some mercy.

And in the midst of it all it was refreshing to see how what

I have sharing and teaching them has had an effect on them.

They think and reason. They understand faith and strength.

They value courage and friendship and just as importantly

they know that their efforts and hard work count and

make a difference. Yes they are kids and they behave like kids

but they also have an understanding of life and others.

Gang continue to share and continue to learn.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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