The discipline excercised today will be the character of tomorrow.

I had my first business venture when I was 8 going on 9.

My father decided that it was time and I am grateful he did.

I have done many a thing in my life but being an entrepreneur

has thought me so many lessons on “Stickiness” and self reliance,

on character and planning. On trusting but also on moving away.

Traits some that I have also used on my weight loss journey

sadly not to the same extent or to the same results but used

them none the least.

Learning to pay the price here and now instead of tomorrow

and probably forever should be a good motivator.

I have seen folks in my own family so ill and overweight

that are unable to take care on their own of some rather basic

aspects of daily living. I do not want that for myself.

I do not want to be  so fat that I can not put my own shoes on.

I remember how much my father hated to ask fo us to help him

to put on and remove his socks. To help him with his shoes.

I want what all of you want… More and better. More and better life,

more and better health, more and better living.

Gang let us pay the price in the here and now so that

we might enjoy the “More and Betters” of life later.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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