More To Life.


Some time ago I took this picture while

on a trip through Tennessee and Georgia.

As I was looking for the theme for today’s post

I got to thinking about all of the other tasks that

go on every day and also the fact that we are not

living on “Diet Land” so the question that came was:

What about the other time? the time when we

are not working out or weighing or measuring

portions How about the day to day moments.

Balance came to mind. We all have family and

friends and we also have plans and dreams.

When was the last time you went somewhere

new? Ate at a new restaurant or invested on a

new book? Let’s not forget the other areas of

life that are not part of our weight loss program.

We are trying to live longer, healthier live’s so

let’s make the most of it.

Gang let’s go do something new, Let’s live.

By the way. This was one of the best trips that

I have ever taken.  Ever.


Jose G. Osuna

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