One Step At A Time.


On the book “The Compound Effect” Darren Hardy

talks about the small continuous steps that build

character and help us develop the discipline needed

to affect change in our lives.

The emphasis is on the gradual accumulation of

“Wins”., little things, small success that when

stacked one a top the other makes for big change.

We did not gain 40, 50, 60 or more pounds in a week

or month and, by the same math we will not be rid

of them in a month or two.

Be realistic and make a plan. Once you have a plan

work your plan and by doing that your goal will

as it must be reached. BUT when you are making your

plans or your plan of attack make sure you are also working

on what you will do once you have reached your goal.

The maintenance part of the plan is very important.

By not having a plan for after the goal is met you are

risking falling back on bad / poor habits. Do not allow

that to happen. We all know how hard we work to burn

150 calories so figure out if that one Soda Pop or Bag of Chips

is worth all that work.

Step by step we can win BUT also step by step we allow

ourselves to lose.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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