New Me.

3dea7e935f25cea135b530b7bdc18bb3.jpgAfter we are able to make progress and conquer some

of our goals it is good to look back and see if our

decisions were as good as we thought them to be.

I have recently done this on several aspects of my life.

I have been lucky some would say, Blessed is what

I say, very much blessed.

I want to visit with you about one of the areas of life that we,

us, those who have had the Lap Band Procedure done have

more than likely experienced.

#1 A step back in time to the time when we decided to go through

with the WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) I ask you are you still

sure and positive that it was a good or at least a move in

the right direction? I am sure that my reliance band has given me

the help and assistance that I needed and therefore I personally

would totally do it again. NOW… That is me what says you?

Are you still happy about your decision? Are your results still what you

wanted and expect?

Having WLS is NOT a short cut! WLS is a hammer approach for those of

us that have honestly tried it all and are ready to put a stake on the ground

and make a friggingggg difference.

Want to be successful??  Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Twetter: @LapBand4Men

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