Choosing A Price To Pay.

choose se th price you will pay

I was asked about this recently.

You see I am yet again trying to restructure aspects of my life.

I am working on yet another big change. Another “Pivot”.

I know that I have never been a sheep and I know that it is hard

for others to even try to keep up with the changes and the movement.

I love the reaction I get when I tell people that  I have traveled every

state in the US except the ones I am not interested in HI and AK.

Also I have traveled every state in Mexico.  People like the thought of

that but once it sinks in the time and distances covered it begins to

show how differently wired we are.

I have had conversations with people where I live now and I have

been told just how much some people hate that area and swear they

want to leave but they do nothing (sheep mentality).

I myself do not think it is a bad area but I know that I will not stay forever

and when the time comes it will probably take me a week to pack it up

 and take off (wolf mentality). Why be or do something you do not want to.

But, once you decide…. Be a wolf.

How hard is it to find a gym partner? in two years I could not find someone

even though I offered to change my hours. No takers.

I tried to share my way to invest in real estate but of the people I tried to share

with not a one actually followed up with any of the base work.

And how about weight loss. Well if you have made a decision stay the

course and do not let go. Keep pushing and do not forget that you are

a wolf and not a sheep. Keep your goal in mind. Always.

Gang Stay Focused Stay Successful.

Jose G. Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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