Who To Be With?

Be with

Keeping the right company and the

proper acquaintance is of the outmost importance.

People can be around and close and be a total

ZERO in your world so that is when the

decisions about relationships must be made.

I had been an idiot for quite a long time

when it came to this area but no more.

I have eliminated so many “Lapas” that is

an expression my father used a lot referring to

barnacles. I had decided to keep several of those

attached to my life, heart and mind and., as of late

I have freed my self from them.

The change that has created in my life is such

that I can say with out a doubt we all must from

time to time get rid of the “Lapas” and move a little

lighter and free, way more free.

I just feel as my friend Robert P. From the Bronx

would say: “More Better”

Gang remain focused remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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