Attitude Of Gratitude

I am grateful for today.

Today is my birthday and I turn 51.

In all honesty I never did expect to live past 35

and yet here I am.

I wish I could say that I am wise or mature

but that would be a stretch and I am not into lying.

That was not always my policy but it is now.

I have been blessed to have had a chance to travel

extensively and meet lots of interesting people.

Jewish, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons, Self proclaimed Christians,

Buddhists, Atheists, Jehovah Witnesses, Agnostics and more.

Communists, Capitalists, Conservatives, Liberals, Socialists,

Democrats, Republicans and more.

Folks from all over the world I have befriended and I am

grateful for their openness as it has allowed me the chance to

be part of the global community.

Travel and friendship changes you. It is impossible to remain

unchanged when you are friends with someone from Croatia

and someone from Barbados. Someone from Spain and someone

from Peru. Eat with friends from Yugoslavia and go drinking

with your lady friend from New York.

Whatever you do DON’T go drinking with

your friends from Yugoslavia or Croatia unless

you have nothing to do for a few days.

I have been blessed and today more than ever.

I wish for you all the best and I celebrate my birthday

by wishing each and everyone of you the best of the best.

Your friend on the screen

Jose G. Osuna

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