We have limited resources. Patience is one of most scarce resources. When we are trying to win the battle., be it the battle of the pounds or the battle of the dollars or whatever battle you are involved in the last thing that you need is to be dragging behind you those that by choice, ignorance, stupidity or just plain LOVE attempt to hold you in place. Choose, choose and know that be it the reason it may you still need and should continue to make progress, you should continue to grow, you should continue to push towards your dreams. Do not give in and continue to work on a better you. Know that in the end it will be only you. Say no to HATERS, say no to DRAMA, say no to JEALOUSY but specially to BULLSHIT. Own your drams. Own your goals. Own you life. Toda as always I hope for all of the best for you . Jose G. Osuna http://www.lapbandformen.com



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