20151002_102633Well it has been quite busy as of late so…

It is time for me to plan a Photography Safari.

This is probably my favorite therapy and

I enjoy the creative process.

I still enjoy using film and I enjoy the

nuances of the different cameras.

I shoot Cannon and Minolta when using

film but I am staying with Nikon when

shooting digital.

I keep three separate set-ups because

what I shoot depends on my mood.

Photography is something that I enjoy

when not concentrating on  changing

the world or at least mine.

What do you do to unwind? How do you

forget about the mundane and

create space and time for you?

I want to lose weight and I want to

look better but I also want to  enjoy my

time and my passions. Every photography

setp-up includes a book I am working on

and a proper and decent pen plus a

note pad to capture thoughts of inspiration

that come whenever we allow them.

We all need this breaks and we all need to

know what it is that does it for us.

Walking, running, praying, crying I don’t know..

But whatever it is., use it.

Gang do not forget to live fully.

We only have one go around so make it count.

Jose G. Osuna



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