From the moment I first saw this picture of

E. B. White I truly felt it moving into my mind

and into my heart.

This image is a representation of what writing is for me

what I hope writing will make of me.

My wife is a writer and we find that for us

even though we write for others it is always

best when we are and write alone.

This blog post is a perfect example as I am

writing this before 5:00 am while the family is

still sleeping and all I can hear is the munching

and crunching of my ferrets as they have

a morning snack.

Writing like exercising is an activity that works

better when planned so gang make sure

that you have a plan and that you are

sticking to your plan.

By the way my wife is a way better writer

than I am but, but she can not bench press as

much as I can same with writing we are all different.

By The Way…

If you are or know a single parent please

share with them my wife’s series on that

topic. She has created a great resource library

that covers from how to save money to how to

deal with day care and obtaining health insurance.

Her e-books and materials can be found @ Amazon.

The series is

“Hey Single Parent” By  my lovely

wife Amythest Osuna

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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