It feels like I had been looking forever for

someone who loved books, reading and writing

as much as I do and it seems as well that  I

had been kissing frogs and being a frog for what

seemed like an eternity then.,

My wife Amythest and I found one another under less

than perfect circumstances.

I am so lucky for having found a Princess who

was hiding under a frog disguise. Can’t blame her

after learning of her past life and experiences.

It took some time but in the process we learned

about one another and found that the things

that were similar were more and more

important than the ones we differ on.

So important to have someone who shares

some of those things that are important and

central to our lives. No we do not want a

carbon copy of ourselves but there are things

that are just so important to share.

Religious values, health habits, life commitments,

self respect, love of life and family.

It makes a world of difference when you have

someone who actually wants to be part of things

rather than have to be dragged to things.

To my brave and adventurous wife Amy I say: Hang On Babe, We have just started.

Gang keep your goals ever present and do not

forget to stay focused and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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