w t f ?

20131024_160100This is an attitude I find on people at times

sadly it is the people who need it the least.

I see people excited about buying a new car

that will set them back financially instead

of learning of a new business or opportunity.

Lack the focus to center on their weight loss

but own every new apple or android gadget.

Gang our future is important and our life

is worth it so show it with daily actions.

When we got WLS surgery we made an active choice.

Getting the Lap Band was a life altering experience.

Remember, the newest phone will not burn the

calories for you. A new car.. When analyzed the cost

would make such an amazing impact on your

retirement fund instead you will be repeating

this process in 3 to 5 years filling someone

else’s pocket.

Not knocking a new car just knocking the

think process.

Gang we must be smart about our moves and

think about our decisions as to make each and

every one count. Remember every bad calorie

counts but hey so does every good one.

Do not be bored. Live on purpose and enjoy

this life of yours.

Gang stay focus and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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