Bacon. Glorious Bacon.

bacon-at-the-endIt is my theory that rocks with bacon would be amazing.

It is my theory that anything with bacon is amazing.

Hell if there was a way to wrap problems in bacon

I would be out there looking for problems or chasing an EX.

That said let us talk about our daily exercise routine.

Many of us for our own reasons must adjust our

daily routines., for some of us is time or health or

any one of a number of things but, the thing

that WE should ALL have in common is that

we should have a routine.

Our weight loss efforts will always benefit from

and increase in activity and no it does not mean

that you must go out and run a marathon but,

it does mean that you should add at least a half

hour of steady, continuous activity in order to

give your heart and body the benefits of a true


I started walking 10 minutes at a time when I started.

I kicked it eventually to right about 6 miles a day.

Right now as I am recuperating from a bit of life happening

to me I am unable to do my walking and as I got on the

scale this morning I noticed the impact of my reduction

in activity. Not earth shattering but boy there is a noticeable


Gang figure out what you enjoy doing and incorporate it

to your daily routine. IF you do not have a daily routine

today is a good day to start thinking about it.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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