Live. Just Live Some.


Live. Enjoy this life that even at its longest is short.

To witness a sunrise in Aruba or a sunset in Rosarito, Mexico.

To eat Shrimp And Grits in Charleston, South Carolina or

a bowl of Menudo in Nogales, Mexico.

To talk shop with Mr. C at Chicago O’Hare or shoot the shit

with Agent Smith at the border in San Isidro.

To talk about food with Chef Matt James in Phoenix or enjoy

some great sea food at Flavio’s in Rocky Point Mexico.

It is all about living. and we need to do more of this.

Gang do not let time pass you by.

Use and abuse your time as it is all we got.

Make it happen. See it, Eat it, Travel and visit.

It is worth it. It is our life.

Make the most of it after all we are trying to

lose the weight so we might as well show it off right??

Have a great one.

Jose G. Osuna


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