Things I Love.



I really love reading and I really love my ferrets.

This little one looks just like our smallest one.

We call him “Rascal” he is so small and loving.

There are things that are important to us and

we must continually make them part of our

daily living.

Every morning as I write and I write 6 days

a week I am joined by the crunching and munching

of my ferrets. They are so grateful for the attention

and the fact that I feed them and give them water.

They are my four-legged kids.

I own them but I do not take them for granted.

What is it that you have in your world that

you must continually keep present and center

in your days. I don’t know but I tell you it is great

to have the loyalty and support of those that

really matter.

Do not waste your time on those that promised

to be there and were not. Just erase them from

your life and go on because you have those that

actually were there and those, those we must

take care of. I am so grateful of my wife.

I am so grateful that even as my many short

comings threaten our relationship and life

together she was there, every moment,

every day, ALWAYS THERE.

Others promised but their words were

just that words.

Anyway gang let us get back to work

let us work on us and those that are close

and present in our world.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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