True Relationship.

_20160621_114410It is rare and not at all a common thing

to find, to have a good supportive and

nurturing relationship.

Relationship implies a two way street.

While I, myself have had countless

failures in this area I was also blessed

to have found and been able to enjoy

my relationship with my now wife

Amy. This gives me a never before

opportunity to live and enjoy a simbiotic

raltionship that both feeds and nurtures

both of us. Our shortcommings made

less by the conection and joining of

strenghts. Our good and positive traits

highlated by the acceptance and contribution

of that our better half

I have since my encounter with this rare

and magical unicorn of a great woman

done and been to places that never did

I thought I would or could.

That whole Hawaii trip is still something

I am working on. I do not have ANY INTEREST

in going there. Sorry there seems to be not

a thing there for me but against every single

fiver in her body she ate crab, shrimp, lobster

and some other sea cratures with me so

I think this argument I am luckily going

to loose.

Hawaii…. Yes she wants it and she is going

to get it.

I am lucky. I found not only my equal but

my better half. She is half my brain

both my left and right arm and the best

of me I never knew I had.

Gang I hope you are ever as lucky as I am.

Stay focused stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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