The Price.


San Isidro Border Crossing Tijuana, MX/San Diego, CA


Crossing the border back into the US

is the price we pay for enjoying Mexico.

It is all good until you have to pay by waiting

for hours while American Border Agents do their

job. I’m not mad at them but it sucks big time!!

With this as with everything else there is always

a price. We work out and look and feel better but

we pay with the pain and time of working out.

I am not mad I just realize and accept it and that

simple process helps me do better with my commitment.

Understand that nothing worthwhile will come easy

or free of pain and effort. Accept it and watch

worry and indecision melt away.

Gang it is not easy or free but totally worth it.

You, me, us we are worth it.

Let us remain focus so we might remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna


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