Life. More Than Diets


There is more to life than just watching others live it.

Let us not forget that life continues and that we Should

and must do our best to make every moment memorable.

Yes Dieting is very central to many of us but there are

those things that make us happy and allow us to

re-connect with the Real or Total Me/Us/I.

I share this photo of me in Charleston, SC where I had

a chance to enjoy one of my passions which is Photography.

I totally loved this trip.

I did re-gain some weight while there because I discovered

I had a passion for southern food. “Shrimp and Grits” Who Knew.

By the way if anyone of you ever, ever want to have the best

fried chicken in the world and I have had lots of fried chicken

all over but I have to take my hat off for the Fried Chicken at

(Drum Roll)  Magnolia’s Restaurant in Historic Charleston, SC

yes many claim to have a better bird but They Are Wrong.

Gang.. Do not forget to live while you are alive.

Stay focus Stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

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