Will It Into Existence.


So it seems we go back again to:

“How Bad Do You Want It”

We all dream when we see someone,

anyone being successful and accomplishing that

goal that we want and long for.

So the question again is: How bad do you want it?

How bad do WE want it?  Not a single thing that is

worthwhile comes easy and that is the price

we must pay. How bad do we want it?

Will we get up in the wee hours and go to the gym?

Will we say NO to the second and third serving?

Will we find a way to drink the water?

Regardless if you have had WLS or not there are

clear and concise rules and concepts that work

for all of us like: If you eat 2000 calories but burn

them all or more consistently then you can not

gain weight. If you remain active the weight gain

will be less than if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

I am not trying to over simplify things or make

obvious observations instead what I am trying to do

is make a point that with out turning our world

up side down we all have enough knowledge and

opportunity to make a difference in our life.

Maybe we won’t make the cover of Men’s health®

or Shape Magazine® but we can be better and

healthier to keep working on that front page


Gang we can do a lot if we commit and use what

we have available to us.

Wishing you all the best.

Jose G. Osuna



Twitter  @LapBand4Men

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