The Boys.

20160111_133511This little guys are Bear and Peter.

They have the same addiction my wife has

and that is Mountain Dew.

Just like them and my wife WE all have

some foods or drinks or habits that we carry

with us much as a pet.

One of the things we need to do is realize and

be honest about our habits both good and bad.

We can not change or adjust something we are

not aware of.

My challenge was Diet Coke. I could drink Diet Coke

all day every day but now I go months with out drinking one.

So I suggest that you do some soul searching and

figure out what is there that is holding you down or

keeping you from making a difference and work on

being rid of it.

Gang Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

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