Beauty In Life.

dsc_0024I love photography.

I love the places it takes me and the way

it shapes my way of thinking and looking

through the glass.

I want gang to get to my goal weight and

be as healthy as possible but I refuse to stop

living and so should you.

I do not promote to be careless about our weight

loss program and goals but what I do say is LIVE

and enjoy what you love because that is just as


I remember the day I took this picture. I remember

the weather and what I had for lunch afterward.

Maybe the fact that I had never seen a flower like

this one before or maybe the Subway sandwich I had

afterwards at a Kangaroo gas station or the great

weather in Summerville, SC.  I DO NOT KNOW…

But here it is. And the memory and the feelings

and emotions of the day will stay with me because

I had the courage to go to a place I had not been to

before at an inconvenient time when the economic

situation was not the greatest but I decided to live.

I have gained and lost many pounds since but the

memories I have and the life I have lived are and

will stay with me forever.

Gang Live and stay focus remain successful.

Jose G. Osuna

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

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