Perfect Diet Found!!!!!

fb_img_1445305261358Yes it is a joke.

There is no perfect one size fits all.

I call it a dream more than anything.

Anywho… What I wanted to say was

that as a unlikely as this is it is also

imperative for the success of our weight

loss project that we figure out what actually

works for us. The logical and natural way

says that if we consume less calories than

what we eat the gradual lost will happen.

How has that worked for you??

In the past I shared of how I have tried

most diets on the planet and I also shared

that ALL of them work even if only for a

short term. BUT, BUT in looking at my own

personal experience I found that what really

worked for me was the Atkins approach.

That is me and it took a lot of trial and error

to figure this out so do not think that it is

a given that it would work for you. Try, Look

for what works for you because even after I

figured out that low carb worked for me I

used my knowledge, education and experience

to tweak this program to make it mine and

mine alone. In the end my diet is more of a:

Low Carb, Low Fat, High Protein, Low Sodium Diet.

And it works great. FOR ME.  Now you have to

figure out what is it that works for you so that

you might be successful in your weight loss

program. It is about more than just weight loss

it has to be about living and enjoying life as well.

Gang be open minded and keep searching for what

will work for you and stay with it.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

9c4e5MxKi      Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

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