And Then They Asked HOW??

at firstIsn’t if funny how the tone goes from one extreme to the other as soon as

the changes begin to show?

My biggest one was with my low carb diet., being of Hispanic descent

we consume lots of starch loaded foods.

But going from 361+ pounds to about 225 pounds gets people’s attentions.

By the way I am not bragging as if you have been following you know that I regained it and

then proceeded to add a few more pounds on top.

So lets take from this post that 1.- People will not always understand. 2.- The plan works.

3.- If we do not pay attention we can always go back.

And 4.- People will be inspired by our actions. Try and be inspiring. Reach out and help someone, Anyone.

keep up the great work guys.

Jose G. Osuna


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