Negative People or….. A hidden opportunity?

do it

Are there people who want to see you fail? OR.. Are there people who do not want to see you succeed?
There is a difference. There is a big difference!
When someone succeeds they are showing the people around them what can be done with a little commitment and a little effort. OK maybe a big commitment and a big effort. Regardless. If it can be done it can be done period.
People who are comfortable in their surroundings and with their own selves will not welcome this exotic theory of new and exiting exercise doctrines. Yes I am being melodramatic. Give me a break.
What I am trying to say is that: Not everyone will welcome the challenge of changing their lifestyles. Not everyone will want to. And it is ok. BUT it is not ok for us. We want more.. We want better.. We want health.. We want longevity.. We want a better life..

That explains the madness of waking up early., earlier than Jesus and the Mexicans Which is pretty darn early trust me I am a Mexican Jew.

Going to the Gym and getting on the staircase that goes nowhere and weighing our food and drinking more water than your neighborhood camel.

We want more.. We Want Better.

Gang. Stay focused, stay on guard and try and do better.

Jose G. Osuna

nanowrimo_2016_webbanner_participant      Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

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