Daniel Be Fearless.

son-b-day-3From a very young age and with the help

of both your grandfather and me and the

opposition of your mom and grandmother

you have shown tremendous courage and

a sense of adventure. It has always been

a source of great pride to see  you tackle life

not because you, me or anyone is perfect at it

but because you have shown strength and courage

and a penchant to get away with shit.

You have had so many people love on you

from the moment you were born and a lot of

that has been for that smart ass smile of yours.

Son I hope you never forget all the people that

have love you and believed on you.

You are a special guy and we all know it

but… but if you don’t know it… Well it would all

be a waste of time.

Son Be Good Do Good But Above All Be Happy

Be Fearless.

Your father: Papo.

Jose G. Osuna

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