Commitment To Fit.

50 % commitment

Looking back at many of my posts and many of the blogs that I follow I noticed that we all have set backs. I noticed that we all had plateau patches when we were stuck for periods of time. I noticed also that at times food and the warm bed won over our commitment to work on our weight loss plan. BUT.. I also noticed that when we re-committed to our goals we made amazing progress. This shows that were we to remain 100% committed 100% of the time this weight loss thing would be a done deal. BUT as someone who has failed at times I acknowledge that it is hard., possible but hard. We must have a plan. We must work plan. We need to have goals and they need to be ever present. And we must remain 100 % committed to ourselves. That is how we accomplish and conquer. Let’s keep up the good work. All the success to you all.                                                                                                                  Jose G. Osuna                               









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