To Salad Or Not To Salad.

Good Day Everyone.

Have you ever been confronted by the “Salad Police”?

When people learn of my efforts to lose weight and the path (low carb, low sodium, high protein.) I have chosen I always get the roll of the eyes and the friendly “Really?”  It is funny because when I explain to them that it was this approach that has given me the best and biggest or should I say smallest results; they usually all of a sudden get very interested in learning just a little bit more. It is almost magical because as they hear the numbers they just can’t let go. What are the numbers? 330 #’s to 235 #’s in less than 4 months.  That was my first big success with dieting. Now… Success does not mean wining and  I proved that by going right back and past the 330 #’s to my top weight of  361 #’s.

Anyway back to salads.

I like salads. I like veggies both raw and cooked but I have a problem with salads and lettuce in particular. Because of my lap band it just does not move. I get stuck and it has to come right up. I have tried chewing longer, different dressings, more of this, more of that, less of this, less of that and it still does not work. So I have tried different ways to eat greens and vegetables.

Anyone else likes creamy mashed potatoes? I do. I discovered that steaming cauliflower and then running them trough my supper duper milk shake making machine and adding just a bit of sour cream and pepper makes for a most acceptable substitute.  I have done similar things with kale, spinach, broccoli, celery, and many other veggies and then use any leftovers for sauces or soups and by doing that I increase the amount of veggies I consume. But it is not salads. You know what it is that I miss a lot? my favorite comfort food broccoli spears with thousand island dressing sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Boy do I miss that.

Ok. I took the liberty of adding the cartoon below and while I know and admit that Atkins is not for everyone I know and can tell you that for a hard case like mine has always been it worked and, as I have incorporated it to my lap band regime it stopped the gaining of weight and has helped my slow progress to my goal weight. Please take it as what it is a cartoon you do not have to agree.

Till the next time.

All of the best for all of you.

Jose G. Osuna


2 comments on “To Salad Or Not To Salad.

  1. I hear you. I think that we know what works best for us because most of us have tried everything. I know that almost zero carbs works really well for me and I can shed huge amounts of weight pretty quickly. I also know now that I get to a point where it just stops doing it for me and I know I have to then switch it up and go for high carbs low protein to kind of get my system into a state of shock. I continue to lose weight but bloat but after a couple of weeks I can go back to low carb. This time I just need to keep doing it and not give in. Keep going and keep doing what works for you.


  2. I thank you for your comment.
    It is true that Low Carbs does not work for everyone but I am happy that it works for me.
    While in the past I have regain some of the weight lost it is still a fact that I am in a better place now.
    I have added the restrictions and limitations of the lap band to my low carb efforts and there is a change and a way more positive outlook.
    You mention getting to a point where your progress and loss come to a stand still and I have had a similar experience and what I found out that worked for me after a lot of trial and error was to go back to the initial liquid diet (still low carb high protein) and increase my activity and water intake.
    Every time I tried this my weight loss was very good and I was out of the funk.
    Hey. I will be adding my weight and activities tracking form to my next blog and would appreciate any feedback you could give me on it.
    Again I thank you and keep on keeping on.


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