I Am.

eb478d1673e33e90f8d6c9467522d16dBeing Curious has provided for me

the environment to learn and grow.

Wondering about new foods and new

people. New places and new opportunities.

I remember the first time I had Shrimp and

grits or the first taste of Green Fried Tomatoes.

The first time I heard an Acadian accent or

the first time I had true French Cuisine or the

first time I set foot on the Caribbean.

Gang being curious is a gift. A gift that brings

forth the best in us. The best in us is many a time

something we do not deal with on daily basis

and it is a great discovery with in ourselves.

It was L F who brought out from within me

my passion for photography and it was her who

gave me the present of my first trip to the Caribbean

just two of many first times I enjoyed with her.

Even now I continue to be in love with photography

and the Caribbean. I have been back a couple of times

since that first time and every time it is like a new

discovery of an old trail. Exciting, new, familiar, old.

It has been my curiosity that has taken me north and

south and east to west in both Mexico and The United

States. I have now traveled most of the Caribbean including

Cuba back when it was not easy or popular.

I have learned a lot and have met a lot of people

and one thing I can say for sure I want to travel and

eat even more.

Great BBQ in Austin and Sioux Falls.

Amazing fried chicken in Charleston, SC

A stupidly good hot dog at the Varsity in Atlanta

Thanks Kat for that amazing trip.

Great fried oysters at Coconut Joes just off the

Atlantic’s coast in SC.

And so much more that I would make this a book

instead of a blog post.

Anyway stay curious my friends and you will

grow and live more.

Jose G. Osuna

http://www.lapbandformen.com      Twitter:    @LapBand4Men

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