On Plans And Reality.

B4-e3vpCcAAdhcMOur plans are so clear and amazing until life takes a swing at them.

Reality is for the most part a cold shower.

We plan and we plan  and then life shows that  the best plans

are but a mirage in the distance.

With this as with most things it is action that counts.,

Yes have goals and dreams but understand that what

gives body and soul to any goal or dream is the level

of involvement and the amount of action you/we take.

If you are in a bad relationship decide today to take care of it.

If you hate your job make a decision today to take care of it.

If you hate where you are living at take care of it.

Action not plans. Movement not stagnation makes a difference.

Do not let the safety and comfort of today steal/rob you

of a better or different tomorrow.

We owe it to ourselves to at least try and take a chance.

Here it is to us the chance takers and the adventure seekers.

go forth and do something… Anything.

Jose G. Osuna


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One comment on “On Plans And Reality.

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    This is incredibly true


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