At the end of the day.

174.JPGWhen the day has come to an end we get the chance

to ask ourselves “Did I Do All I Could Have??”

Did I made this day, week, month count?

Our answer to this very basic question will undoubtedly

give us a rather close look at what life will be and do

for us all. We are the masters of our destiny and

the daily building of our life is largely affected by those

small and seemingly unimportant or inconsequential

little choices, little decisions.

The phrase “Digging your grave with your

knife and fork” comes to mind.

This blog and most of what we talk about here

is about weight loss so we really should keep

ever-present the impact of our decisions.

We need to know and keep present that it matters,

that it all matters when it comes to our lives and

dreams and goals.

Keep fighting the good fight and eventually success

will knock at our door.

Big Mo as Darren Hardy call it on The Compound Effect.

All the best to you all gang.

Jose G. Osuna     Twitter:  @LapBand4Men

Instagram:  @lapband4men

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