Going For A Walk.

Staying with our routine is important.

Doing what we committed to is key.

When we said we were going to walk every day or

every other day or whatever the hell you said you

were going to do it is great if your walk is in a beautiful

nice part of the country. I know it as once I open my

eyes and realized that I was walking in Charleston, SC

and another time I was doing my walk in Vegas or the

time I was walking slow speed in Seattle or Santa Monica

or my favorite Barbados. There are many other places

I have walked at but there is not enough room here.

The point here is keep your commitment. Make sure that

you are doing what it takes for your planned weight loss

to happen. If you know that you must do your walk Do It.

If you know that you must drink the water Do It.

If you know that you must take your meds and vitamins

Hell just Do It!!!!

Gang having or getting the lap band is just the beginning

and we have to do and take are of the other aspects of

our weight loss program.

Because we know what needs to happen

Lets remain focused and stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

http://www.lapbadformen.com      kit.com/lapbandformen

twitter.com/LapBand4Men   instagram.com/lapband4men

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