Sometimes the black and white helps us better

understand the impact of our actions in our lives.

It all matters, any activity is good and better than

doing nothing that is for sure.

My activity of choice is walking now but, in the

past it was running and boxing. Weight lifting even

though it was an important part it was also short-lived.

and not missed now.

Figuring out what we enjoy is important because

exercising is easy to do but also easy not to do.

Doing something we enjoy increases the possibility

of us staying with our routine while trying to force

ourselves to do something we hate well it would probably

not happen.

Find your sweet spot and stay with it so that your

weight loss plans work.

Keep losing the weight strengthening your body

and living a better quality of life.

Stay focus stay successful.

Jose G. Osuna

http://www.lapbandformen.com       kit.com/lapbandformen

twitter.com/LapBand4Men     Instagram.com/lapband4men

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