We Have A Choice.

being weakEach and every day, each and every meal,

each and every workout, each and every walk.

We make choices that either bring us closer

or., move us away from our dreams and goal.

Decision we make can affect all aspects in our lives

from health to economics and relationships to work.

We can choose. Let’s make the best decisions

for us and our loved ones.

Jose G. Osuna

http://www.lapbandformen.com     kit.com/lapbandformen

twitter.com/LapBand4Men    Instagram.com/lapband4men

2 comments on “We Have A Choice.

  1. nakularora says:

    True that.. In each moment, we have a choice to either make effort or run away and look the other-way..


  2. Reblogged this on Banded Carolina Girl and commented:
    A fantastic blog posting……PLEASE read and let it (fit) into your world…..your way of thinking……we do (have a choice)……


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