What changed for you?
What happened to you?

One day you went to bed being the same, regular you only to wake up the next morning with a burning desire to change you and the world in the process.

We do not decide to have Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) from one day to the other.
We do not become unhappy with our health, appearance, attitude, etc., from one day to the other.

Something is a catalyst. Something is a transforming force. What was that in you?

For me it was a picture. A picture of me with the lady I was in a relationship with at that time in my life. A relationship I thought was going to be my last and forever but… ANYWAY.

In this picture she is trying to hug me and there is just too much of me and too little of her and it is just a nightmare of a picture that haunted me for days and days.

That was the catalyst for me but after a time I needed more. In looking for the inspiration I found that my needs were many and the hunger for not just inspiration but also knowledge was big.

As we share our triumphs and challenges I want to share with you also some of the great materials that have helped and inspired me trough out this years.

So from now on I will try to add a little bit more information at the end of my blogs. A little about our challenges with eating and textures of foods to some of the books and materials that have been game changers for me. If they interest you great., If they don’t just move on and choose and take what you need, want and serve’s you

Please visit kit.com/lapbandformen for some of the materials I talk about.

Keep focus, Keep the goal ever present.

Jose G. Osuna

fat book pic

Thoughts And Ideas Are Important Share Please.

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