Dreamers VS Achievers

dreams & dreamersThere is a difference.

While there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer

There IS something wrong with being JUST a dreamer.

Gang. It is Sunday., Let’s start this week thinking about our dreams

savoring our goals, expanding on our plans

All of this while we walk, run, work-out or whatever the routine is.

Let’s get moving and getting after those dreams.

“Wake Up If You Want Your Dreams To Become Reality”

Jose G. Osuna

http://www.lapbandformen.com      kit.com/lapbandformen

Instagram.com/LapBand4Men     Twitter.com/LapBand4Men

One comment on “Dreamers VS Achievers

  1. Yes, yes!! This is a good time of your to remember that a satisfying meal will not appear because we dream it. We must plan, grocery shop, and cook a little to get healthy food.


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