The Glory Of Work.

6 w'sThe perfect Monday post.

Thanks Todd Blackledge. You see., this

is one person who lived by this maxim.

We can do the same and improve the quality of our life.

Activity and daily working on our dreams is the best way

to improve and make our life better.

I was in a relationship once with someone who would

rather sleep or veg than do any of the things we talked

about doing and the results were that we would end up

doing nothing or me doing things on my own and resenting

her and myself in the process.  You would think that is the

bad part of the story but it is not or at least not the worst.,

the worst part of that was that I ended up being just like her.

Not her fault., I should have known better.

Avoid the pain of regret!!

Let us start this week by focusing on the work ahead.

Then: Lets Go Do It.

Jose G. Osuna

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