For those of us on the path to weight loss food is at times a challenge.
I can see that some of you smiled at that comment. The reality is that food is a big hairy deal most of the time. We are bombarded with messages of food all of the time. Car commercials that feature food. Shoe commercials that have food. Hey even one of my favorite car shows now has a restaurant attached to it.

It is in the end our responsibility to make the good choices. Me… Well I do a low-fat, low sodium and high protein diet and it works for me. Part of what we do is figuring out what works for us and once we find it work it. At times we will need to tweak it in order to push it into high gear.

At times and following the recommendations from my surgeon I go on a liquid diet for a week and that really works.

Anyway. Today I had a nice crab salad and I wanted to share this very simple recipe.

I used:
8 Oz package of shredded crab meat.
2 table spoons of finely diced onion
1/3 tea spoon of dill weed
4 table spoons of low fat mayo. (some may prefer miracle whip) (go for it)
Salt and pepper to taste.

Just mix all the ingredients and enjoy. I eat it with pork-rinds

This same recipe can be adapted to ham, chicken, tuna or your favorite protein source. I tried it with tofu and it was not good. But, I made it with ranch dressing instead of the mayo and it was good.

I hope you try it and enjoy it.

Hey if you have a better or different recipe please share it.

Jose G. Osuna


  1. thebeginningtoforever says:

    I love this recipe! I usually eat tuna because I can buy it in bulk. I make it slightly different. Instead of mayo I use sour cream and a teaspoon of mustard and lots of garlic and pepper. Also I have done half sour cream and half cream cheese. It is great in celery, or cucumber/tomato cups!


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