Valentine’s Day



I have always loved this picture of my girl and me.

It was taken in a beautiful place under some rather

auspicious circumstances. While our story went back some

this was I feel the start of something beautiful and most


While I have talked a lot about my relationship and have

many a time mentioned my girl here and in other mediums

today I want to try and make it clear that this woman has been

with me through some hard and dark situations always giving

so much of herself for our relationship. She has behind the scenes

supported my crazy entrepreneurial ideas and efforts.

She has been a source of strength that I have never had before.

She has been the person who never asked what can I do but rather

she would look until she found and then went and did.

She by merit of her undying commitment to me and our relationship

has marked me and my life in a way that I have never experienced

before. I had other relationships that promised and offered but

when it came time for making the decisions and moving past the

“words” part just…….. Came Short.

This is a different Valentine’s Day to me, it feels like a new day

a lot in life is Shit right now but between the two of us every day

we are working on making it better. Celebrating together

being together, living together and working on more and better.

I hope you can find someone like my girl because it will be great

not because it would be perfect but because to have someone like

her in your corner will always give you reason to go out and try again.

Will always give you reason to be and do better.

Happy Valentine’s Days To You All and see you here tomorrow as

I need to get started on the celebrations of our Valentine’s Day.

Jose G. Osuna

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